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Only Intelligent Solar Delivers this Unique Value Stack

EARN revenue in wholesale power markets

Intelligent Solar generates revenues through the aggregation of distributed energy storage batteries. Intelligent Generation bids this market bloc into wholesale power markets and earns revenues for users through frequency regulation and other lucrative services.

Value: Earn back 15-20% of annual bill

SAVE energy and power expenses

Buildings with solar PV generate energy from the sun that partially offsets electricity expenses. Intelligent Solar augments solar savings by optimizing a storage battery and inverter to significantly reduce both demand charges and capacity charges.

Value: Save 10-20% off electricity bills

PROTECT critical systems with battery backup

Conventional PV solar generation capacity is disabled during electrical outages, requiring a costly and ill-suited diesel generator for backup power. The Intelligent Solar platform offers an on-site battery that acts as backup power for critical systems at no extra cost.

Value: priceless


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