How It Paysh3follow

Intelligent Generation invented cloud–based software that, for the first time, reduces both power and energy charges while generating wholesale market revenues. Only Intelligent Generation delivers this unique value stack, boosting profitability and cutting typical project payback times in half.

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Conventional Solar

Energy— Save on Electricity Bill

Intelligent Solar

 Energy— Save on Electricity Bill

 Capacity Power— Save on Electricity Bill

 Demand Power— Save on Electricity Bill

 Frequency Regulation— Earn Power Market Revenues

 Battery— Protect with Backup Power


Why It Paysh3follow

Distributed energy storage network

Patented Intelligent Generation software controls a commercial scale lithium ion battery installed at the building site. Managed in the cloud, Intelligent Solar aggregates customer batteries into a “virtual power plant” and sells lucrative stability services to grid operators, sharing the revenues with customers. At select times, the software commands the charge and discharge of the battery to reduce peak power usage, saving 10-20% off customer electricity bills.

Battery back–up power

During a power outage, Intelligent Solar directs the battery and the PV to support business critical systems for continued operations. Along with solar PV, batteries may be eligible for the 30% investment tax credit.

Solar PV

You can now benefit from profitable solar power on your roof, even in areas where electricity costs less than 10 cents per kWh. With Intelligent Solar, project financials do not depend on the price of solar renewable energy credits (SRECs).

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