IG Solar+Battery Project Calculator (protected access)

The IG calculator allows you, Solar Developer, to compare side by side the project returns of a conventional solar system versus an IG smart-solar system in PJM or other RTOs. Both the total project returns are computed, as well as a PPA model if the option for third party ownership is selected.


After loging-in, Proceed using the sheets from left to right.

Input Sheets

1. Cover: Input your project reference, load elements and desired PV size. Use a valid email address in the contact field. The project PDF will only be sent to that email address. When you are done, move to the next tab.

2. Detailed Assumptions: The tool is pre-populated with reasonable calculated assumptions. You can keep them or overwrite them in the brown cells. Chose direct ownership or PPA model.

Output Sheets

3. Results: Overall total project economics comparison dashboard.

4. I-Solar DCF: Discounted Cash Flow projections for the Intelligent Solar model, taking into account solar savings, other retail savings (demand containment, PLC capacity charge reduction), and revenue from Frequency Regulation. This DCF represents the unlevered, pretax cash flows going to the user if the user is the owner of the asset (cash investment).

5. PPA model: This sheet is only relevant of the PPA model was selected in Sheet 2.
This simulates the pretax cash flows going to a third party financing owner of the project. In this case, the retail bill savings are voided, but the investor-owner receives the revenue streams from the ITC, the Solar PPA income, and the Frequency Regulation income from the Energy storage System.

6. Email PDF: Follow the instructions to receive by email a PDF of your project and a link to edit your project in the future.

Questions or Suggestions? Please email info@intelgen.com. And now it is time to compute your savings. Use your login, or request Developer access if you don't have one.

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