About IG

Intelligent Generation founder and author of “Re-energizing America: A Common Sense Approach to Achieving U.S. Energy Independence in Our Generation”, Jay Marhoefer, envisioned in 2007 that the internet would be the catalyst for democratizing energy in the same way it had transformed information and commerce. Through virtual and distributed networks, consumers of energy could also participate in power markets as producers of renewable energy and bankers of electricity.

This vision led to the development of patented value-based algorithms and a software operating system that optimizes the “virtual power plant”. Today, Intelligent Generation serves the commercial, institutional and industrial markets and is a registered member of MISO and PJM, two of the largest power markets in North America.

A management team with a shared vision and deep expertise in the complexities of the energy markets will work with you at every stage of your solar + battery storage project to ensure success. IG architects economically viable, energy-optimized solutions using a configurable value stack of up to eight services. The IG POWR:Plan® forecasts these revenue and savings to help greenlight your project.

Our Leadership Team

Jay Marhoefer

Founder and CEO

Marc Thrum

Chief Customer Solutions Officer

David J. Braun

VP, Sales and Marketing

Khalif Woodard

Marketing Manager

John Andersen

Executive Manager

Our Technology Team

Chris Scott


Mark Yedinak

Director of Software Architecture

Jack Cain

Client Systems Lead

Advisory Board

Anne Voshel

AVA Consultants, LLC

Herman E. Bulls

Vice Chairman, Americas

Hugh Reams

Shannon Advisors
Senior Advisor

John Mueller

G&W Electric
Chairman and Owner

Peter Schaff

Private Investor, Real Estate
Retired, LaSalle Investment Management

Scott Dillman


Stephen Markscheid

Wilton Partners

Stephen A. Smith

GlenArbor Partners, Inc.
President and CEO