Intelligent Generation commissions a portfolio of 8 Energy Storage Systems in Illinois for The DeLong Co.

The DeLong Co., a leading provider of logistical sales and services to the agricultural sector, is making significant strides in its sustainability efforts with the recent deployment of managed Tesla Megapack battery storage paired with solar systems across eight of its Illinois locations.

Central to this opportunity is Intelligent Generation’s economic engine: POWR:Suite. It determines project dimensioning considering factors like electrical load, utility tariffs, policy incentives, market dynamics, and interconnection constraints. During operation, IG’s POWR:Suite dispatches the batteries in real-time, optimizing the electricity cost savings and grid services revenues for the customer. The projects were developed and governed by Convergence Energy, while Continental Energy Solutions, a leading Illinois-based commercial solar and battery contractor, ensured rapid engineering and construction. These projects involve eight four-hour discharge Tesla Megapack lithium-ion battery systems paired with solar.

The DeLong Co. is Intelligent Generation’s second customer in Illinois’ agricultural sector, thereby providing that solar and storage solution can be deployed as profitably in rural areas as in industrial ones.

Intelligent Generation’s patented battery optimization service maximizes The DeLong Co.’s energy cost savings and manages Tesla Megapack assets in the wholesale power market for grid stability providing additional income for the project.

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