IG awarded project to monetize 880 kW energy storage system for the city of St. Charles, IL

CCity of St Charleshicago, November 6, 2015

Intelligent Generation is proud to announce that, in consortium with solar developers Convergence-Energy and Solar Power and Light, it has been awarded a project to operate and monetize a 880 kW lithium ion energy storage system for the municipal utility of St. Charles, Illinois.

This success is the result of a competitive process initiated when the Illinois Municipal Energy Agency (IMEA), who supplies to St. Charles all the electricity it uses, issued an RFP for utility scale solar power in April 2015. The 880 kW battery will be installed alongside a 550 kW solar plant.

This project demonstrates the superior value proposition of IG’s “smart” solar with storage solution compared to the economic returns of traditional pure solar projects. It also marks the first time in the United Sates that, to our knowledge,  a software-as-a-service company is chosen to augment the profitability and integration of solar power through energy storage for a municipal utility. There are about 2,000 publicly owned utilities in the United States. IMEA alone federates 34 municipal utilities in Illinois and sees this project as a full size demonstration that could be replicated from St. Charles to its other members.

An article about this project can be read in the Kane County Chronicle, and here is the full IMEA press release.

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