IG partners with Continental Electric to bring smarter, profitable solar power to Midwest

Chicago, February 14, 2014-  Continental Electrical Construction Company (CECCO) and Intelligent Generation (IG) signed an agreement to develop a commercial size, smart solar energy system on the rooftop at CECCO’s headquarters in Oak Brook, IL.  The project utilizes IG’s patented software to participate in wholesale power markets and reduce electricity costs through an efficient networked service that is not otherwise available to solar projects.

The CECCO project, which is expected to pay for itself in less than five years, will contribute to grid stabilization by bidding use of its energy storage system into the lucrative frequency regulation market. It will also enable CECCO to manage down its electricity demand and capacity charges by utilizing the onsite battery during peak demand times. Continental will manage project construction as it is a leading solar electrical contractor in Chicago and plans to share this experience with its 100 year-old customer base that includes the largest enterprises and building owners in the city’s history. IG is delighted to partner with CECCO to serve building owners and developers seeking to profit by participating in the region’s growing smart energy infrastructure.

An exhaustive timeline of Continental Electric’s projects can be found here.

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