Intelligent Generation™ Opens Lab at IIT University Technology Park


Chicago, January 14, 2011- Intelligent Generation joins the Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster. Click here for the full Press Release.

Intelligent Generation™ (IG) will celebrate the launch of its new test site at Illinois Institute of Technology’s University Technology Park on January 27, 2011, where IG joins the Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster (ISGRIC) as a participating company. Responding to the need to make solar energy cost efficient, IG uses proprietary software and networking technologies to efficiently manage distributed producers and storage of renewable energy in a Distributed Energy Storage Network (DESN). IG lowers power bills for retail electricity customers while providing wholesale buyers (i.e. utilities and grid operators) immediate access to stored electricity for high-value power applications. The IIT lab brings IG’s patented technology another step closer to making clean electricity cheaper than fossil fuels, dramatically improving the economic efficiencies for large commercial structures or single-family homes.

Intelligent Generation™ founder, Jay Marhoefer, explained, “IG aims to make clean energy pay off in green dollars. We are delighted to set up operations in the IIT-led Illinois Smart Grid Innovation Cluster where we have a fully equipped lab to put our technology to the test under simulated ecological and environmental conditions.” The IG technology makes the Smart Grid smarter by controlling the flow of electricity among the grid, solar panels, battery storage and the building using the cheapest source of energy available at any given moment.

Founded in 2009, Intelligent Generation LLC quickly distinguished itself winning the 2009 Midwest Cleantech Forum Innovation Competition and has established itself as a leader in the renewable energy industry. Production of IG’s prototype based on its patented technology proved the efficiencies of the system. The IIT Smart Grid will allow IG to take one step further in its mission to be a catalyst for clean energy adoption by networking distributed power sources into virtual power plants and democratizing energy from production, storage and delivery.

About Illinois Institute of Technology: Founded in 1890, IIT is a Ph.D.-granting university with more than 7,700 students in engineering, sciences, architecture, psychology, design, humanities, business and law. IIT’s interprofessional, technology-focused curriculum is designed to advance knowledge through research and scholarship, to cultivate invention improving the human condition, and to prepare students from throughout the world for a life of professional achievement, service to society, and individual fulfillment. Visit

About the Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster: On September 20, 2010, the U.S. Small Business Administration announced the award of up to $600K to Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), in collaboration with the Clean Energy Trust, the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition (ISTC) and O-H Community Partners, to accelerate small business and start-up development in the growing Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster (ISGRIC). The grant supports the first year of development of an innovation platform for Smart Grid technology that will provide technical and business support to speed new Smart Grid technologies on the path to commercialization, with the option for renewal in the second year based on performance.

About Intelligent Generation LLC (IG): IG is a cleantech software company established in 2009 that employs proprietary predictive algorithms, distributed renewable energy and storage, and the network effect to create a cloud-based virtual power plant. This architecture creates benefits for both retail electricity customers (in the form of significantly lower electricity bills) and wholesale power companies (by providing immediate access to stored electricity for peak power and voltage regulation).

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