IG demonstrates commercial scale Value Stack approach with TESLA PowerPack at Abt Electronics

In December 2017, IG successfully certified and qualified ABT’s 500 kW, 2-hour PowerPack battery with PJM for wholesale market participation. The battery was integrated into IG’s virtual power plant network.

This achievement augments the variety of benefits streams available to ABT. It allows IG to dispatch a greater combination of resources to maximize ABT’s economic return and use of clean power sources.

The successful implementation of IG’s Earn/Save/Protect model demonstrates that the merits of “Value Stacking” are real and meaningful. ABT is now setup to:

  • EARN cash revenue from IG by participation in PJM’s wholesale frequency regulation market,
  • SAVE on its electricity bill by using self-generated, clean solar power,
  • SAVE on its electricity bill thanks to IG’s elimination of ABT’s capacity charges,
  • PROTECT its operations with a dual microgrid setup for backup and continuity.

Despite electricity costs well below the national average, ABT expects to return its entire project investment in under 5 years.

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