IG Platform Software Version 9 to be released

Backup to cloud and Repair

In July 2016 we announced the release of our Version 8 SaaS platform. It has performed highly on PJMs performance scores; its dynamic state-of-charge (Dyn.SOC) module excels at maintaining the batteries near their ideal partial state of charge of 50%.

Then in January 2017 PJM significantly altered its regulation signal, raising the bar on battery requirements and dispatch excellence. The operational success of Version 8 positioned us well for those changes and upgrades were put in service. Taking it further, in March, IG will release its successor Version 9. With battery assets from new projects coming online, our V9 will accelerate platform scalability (ease and speed of adding future assets of different classes in various PJM submarkets), flexibility (improved network benefits) and robustness (patented deployment of assets across different benefit streams).

Combined, these attributes make IG’s platform unique among energy storage service providers and ready to evolve at the pace of this fast moving industry.

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